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118 children adoptive 'Love Mother' for 20 years in jail for fraud


  • Le Yancia, 54, was called ‘Love Mother’ since 2006 due to social services.
  • Court imposed a penalty of 2 crore 67 lakh (2.67 million yuan) on women
  • Court punishes Li for 15 people involved in crime, including his boyfriend

Wuan In China, 54 year old Lee Yansia, known as ‘Love Mother’, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Li was fined about 2 million 67 million (2.67 million yuan) with the sentence of Wueen Court of Hebei province. During the hearing on Wednesday, Lee confessed to the crime of being involved in financial difficulties, including fraud, threats, forgery and harm to society.

At the court, Lee admitted that he had done many of his immoral deeds in the greed of becoming rich. A whole gang worked for it. Among them was his boyfriend Shu. He was jailed for twelve and a half years. In addition to Lee, the court convicted a total of 15 people including Shu. The remaining 14 got 4-4 years of sentence. They misused the effect of the social worker in the name of orphanage.

Husband had sold the baby

  1. Lee runs an orphanage. It adopted 118 children by 2017. Lee came in the media headlines in 2006. By then, he had adopted more than 12 orphan children for the orphanage. From here, Lee was called ‘Love Mother’. With Lee’s influence, his village was also called Love Village.

  2. Lee once told the media that he was married, but divorced in a few years. Lee had alleged that his husband sold his child to smugglers for about 70 thousand rupees (7 thousand yuan). Although Lee managed to regain his son again That is why he decided to support orphaned children.

  3. First time adopted orphan girl

    Lee wanted to be rich in some way. Lee invested in an iron mining company in the 1990s and soon became its owner. Lee was often seen by her mining site a little girl of 5-6 years old, whose father had died and fled the mother. She was the first girl whom Lee had adopted.

  4. On one side, Lee was becoming a social worker, on the other hand Daulat and Shoharat were knocking at his door. Because of the increased influence, the richness of Amiri increased and started working like recovery. He drives the children to the construction site and then blacks the companies and makes money

  5. Action taken after more than 20 crore rupees came into account

    On the other hand, many organizations were giving donations to Lee for the orphanage. Until 2011 the government has received several complaints against Lee. In 2018, Li’s account was worth 20 crores. Not only that, he had many luxury cars, including cars like Land Rover and Mercedes Benz. After this he was arrested and investigation started.

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