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137 years ago, because of the title of a newspaper, the England-Australia series got the Ashes name


  • The first Test between Australia and England was played in 1877, so far 330 matches have been played.
  • In 1882, the Australian team won the first Test in England
  • After this defeat, the British journalist wrote that English cricket was dead; after the last rites, ash (Ash) would be sent to Australia
  • The 71st Ashes series will be played between England and England between September 1 and September 16.

Sports desk 17 days after the end of ICC Cricket World Cup, the biggest test series ‘Ashes’ will be played from 1 August to 16 September. The series is being played between England and Australia for 137 years. This will be the 71st Ashes. The first Test between the two teams was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1877. The Test played in Edgbaston will be the 347th match between the two. In Australia, the team won 144 matches. England have only been successful in 108 bouts 94 draws the match.

How did the Ashes name? In 1982, the Australian team went to England to play a match. The match played at Kennington Oval, London won Australia by 7 runs. This was his first victory over England’s land. After this defeat the British media criticized the team. The journalist of Sporting Times gave heading to Reginald Shirley Brooks – mourning news. He wrote, “When I remember English cricket I would like to say that he died on August 29, 1882 at the Oval Ground. Those who want it are in misery. May God give peace to them. English cricket has died. After his funeral, Ash (Ash) will be sent to Australia. ”

That same year the England team went on tour to Australia. There, he made the series 2-1. The victory in the series was told in England as ‘Ash (Ash) to be brought back’. Since then, the test series between the two countries began to be called as the Ashes.

What is the Ashes ‘osteoporosis’? Evo Bleig led England in the series against Australia in the 1982 series. He played an exhibition match at Ropertswood Estate outside Christmas Eve on Christmas Eve. There he was given a small terracotta urn in the symbol of winning the Ashes in Australia. Bleig was given it by a women group there. He was there for the first time with his wife Florence Murphy. Both married in 1984. Soon both of them returned to England with the urn.

Bleague died after 43 years of this. Before he died, he had requested that the urn be given to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). Flores did the same. After that the kalash was recognized as the Ashes Trophy. Bone kalash was placed in MCC’s museum. Its replica is used as a trophy in the Ashes series.


So far, 5 times in the 70 Ashes played between the two teams drawn on the Ashes series , this happened just 5 times when the series was drawing. Australia has named the most 33 series. At the same time, England’s team managed to win 32 series. Last time, in 2017-18, Australia won the series. The most runs in the Ashes are Australia’s Donald Bradman. He scored 5028 runs in 57 Tests. At the same time, the highest wicket is also the name of the Australian player. Shane Warne made 195 appearances in 36 Tests.

Shane Warne

Ashes schedule

Match Date field Time (Indian period)
First test 1 to 5 August Edgbaston From 3:30 pm
Second test 14 to 18 August Lord’s From 3:30 pm
Third test 22 to 26 August Leeds From 3:30 pm
Fourth test 4th to 8th September Manchester From 3:30 pm
Fifth test 12 to 16 September Oval From 3:30 pm


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