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16 year old girl suicides after people voted death on her instagram story poll!!

A heart -breaking event has surfaced in Malaysia. A 16 year old girl made a polling on Instagram in which she had written asking whether to die or not. In this voting, 69 percent of people clicked on death. After which she jumped off the building from the 13th floor and fell to her death.

According to The Guardian news, the Malaysian police did not say the name of the girl and said, “The girl had shared an Instagram Story. It was written – Very important, help me by pressing a button on one. D / L (Death / Life). ‘ On which 69 percent of people clicked Death.

On the death of a girl, a lawyer said, ‘Those who voted for her to die, they can be guilty of prompting suicide’. Lawyer Ramkarpal Singh said: Maybe the girl would still have been alive if people did not inspire her to die through the Instagram account. She should have asked professional help before seeking help from the people. 

Investigations are going on and the police are finding out in which circumstances the girl committed suicide. Malaysian youth and sports minister Sayyed Sadiq Saeed Abdul Rahman said, “It is very unfortunate that a young life went like this.” Abdul Rahman has also convened a meeting to talk about rising suicide rates in the country.

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