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3 thousand tigers in the country, the number increased to 774 in four years; Modi said – safest place of residence of Bharat Tiger


  • Wildlife Institute of India counts tigers on 28 parameters
  • The last four cens have seen an increase in the number of tigers in the country continuously.
  • There were 2226 tigers reported in India in the 2014 census.

new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday released tiger census figures in 2018. According to this, there are about 3 thousand tigers in the country. Modi said that India is one of the tiger’s largest and safest habitats in the world. Earlier, in census 2014, the number of tigers in the country was 2226. Wildlife Institute of India last year counted tigers on 28 parameters in tiger reserves, national parks, sanctuaries and common forest divisions across the country.

Modi said that 9 years ago, at the conference in St. Pittsburgh, the target was to double the number of tigers by 2022. But we achieved it only in the last four years. Increasing the number of tigers and protected areas in the country also has an impact on employment. I read recently that thousands of tourists arrive in Ranthambore to see tigers. The government is increasing the infrastructure for tigers.

Giving the example of Shivji and Ganeshji, Modi said, “Our country is one where there is a tradition of coexistence.” Today is a monsoon, there is a snake in the throat of Shivji, the vehicle of his son Ganeshji is a mouse. The snake eats the rat, but there is coexistence in Shivji’s family. Nobody harms anyone. ”

Along with infrastructure, tree coverage in the country is also increasing; India is moving forward in the field of economic and environment. Rail connectivity is increasing in our country, but tree coverage also remains. Over the last five years, the next generation of infrastructure has been worked on. Plans have been prepared to save the environment and forests. ”

The number of tigers in the country has steadily increased , Nitin Desai, director of the Central India Branch of the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI), told that earlier in 2006, 2010, 2014, tiger census has been issued. There was an increase in the number of tigers in all three censuses. The tiger population in India has also increased in the fourth tiger census of 2018. Tiger increased like this in 12 years

year Tiger population
2018 3000
2014 2226
2010 1706
2006 1411


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