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  • Doctors used to take abdominal surgeries of Salamber’s Gajendra, and drunk anything.
  • 15 days ago the young man had come to the hospital, made X-ray, then some things appeared in the stomach

Udaipur (Rajasthan) A strange case of surgery was found in the MB hospital of Udaipur on Saturday. Doctors performed 50 types of things after surveillance of Gajendra’s stomach of 24-year-old Salumbar. These include keys, nailcutters, coins, pots of pieces, wooden beads, rings, pins, clips, etc. The patient is healthy at the moment.

Dr. DK Sharma, the president of the surgery department told that the youth was addicted to the addiction. He used many types of drugs, including alcohol, pills. Intoxicated he had swallowed all these things. The patient came to the hospital 15 days ago and told about the problems of stomachache, vomiting and eating food.

The doctor said – the young man was addicted to drugs

The X-ray of the young man showed some things in the stomach. Then also do CT scan by doing pen management. These great things appeared in the stomach. After endoscopy, he was undergoing surgery. Gajendra’s operation lasted for 90 minutes. According to Dr. Sharma, most of the things were found in their stomach and some large intestines. Due to this, Gajendra has become a place in a place.

After surgery of endoscopy

Dr. Sharma told that Gajendra is suffering from psychiatric medication. In this situation the patient ate all those who are not fit to eat. It was surprising that in this case, the sharp things like a nail cutter were also swallowed, which remained in its stomach. Dr. Sharma said that this was an unwanted case.

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