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  • Paramal Singh Lodhi and Sunita from Mungawale were living in Live in Relation since 1994.
  • The family and the villagers cite traditions for the daughter-in-law, then go and walk

Mungawali (Ashoknagar) In Madhya Pradesh’s Ashok Nagar on Friday, 55-year-old father married a 50-year-old live-in partner a day before the daughter’s marriage. So that she can do her daughter’s daughterly social culture.

Actually, Paramal Singh Lodhi’s procession, located in Ruhan village of Mungawi, reached his house on Friday. 50 years old Sunita Bai Lodhi becomes bride The couple had been living in the last 25 years. Both are living together as husband and wife, but they did not have seven rounds under the pavilion. Both have four children. They have two daughters and two sons. The eldest daughter Kallow is 18 years old, while the youngest son Deepak is 10 years old. After the marriage of father, daughter Kallow was married on Saturday, in which her daughter’s daughter-in-law’s father Paramal did it.

Pandit had said – Can not take daughter without marriage

  • One day before the daughter’s marriage, the pundits and relatives said that the father can not give the daughter of his daughter. Pandit had told that the father Paramal did not have seven rounds with the girl’s mother, Sunita Bai. Therefore, according to Sanatan culture they are not entitled to Kanyadan.
  • Sunita’s Kanyaadan village’s Halka Sen did. Parmal’s marriage was done on 14th June with customs. If no horse was found for the procession, then sitting on the bicycle reached the bride’s door. 25-30 members of the house became Baratis. On Saturday, the couple married their daughter with customs and rituals. Parents also did the daughter-in-law of their daughter.

Four children became Barati, instead of band, instead of band, when the procession came out in the marriage of the father, besides the people of the village, apart from relatives, sons and daughters also joined the procession. In the father’s marriage, two sons and daughters did dance by becoming Barati. The marriage happened with simplicity. The baraat was played instead of the band, whose tunes were bamboo dance.

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