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  • Applied Chemical Castration in Alabama, Alabama, Israel, Argentina, as well as initiatives in this direction in many countries of Europe
  • Two Asian countries have given South Korea and Indonesia recognition of Chemical Castration

Data Intelligence Desk Recently, in the Alabama state of America, a law has been introduced to impotent infant children. Alabama’s governor What Ive signed a chemical castration bill. Now the guilty of sex offenses against children under the age of 13 years will be impotent.

In India also, there has been a demand for implementation of chemical castration since 2011. Dainik Bhaskar App Plus, one of the largest government medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh, one from MGM Medical College, Indore, Prof. VP Pande, Indore Surveyor Dr. Devendra Dhakand, Supreme Court Advocate Rajesh Rai and Advocate Sanjay of Madhya Pradesh High Court. Talked to Mehra.

US Uses from 1950

  • Chemical cestation is being used in America since the 1950s. Israel is also applicable in Argentina as well as in many countries of Europe.
  • It was first used in 1944. Then diethylstilbestrol was used to reduce testosterone levels of men.

Applicable in 2 Asian countries, valid in 8 US states

  • Two Asia countries have given legal recognition to South Korea (2011) and Indonesia (2016) castration
  • According to USA Today, 7 apart from Alabama and already valid in the state of California, Florida, Guam, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Wisconsin. In Iowa, California and Florida, a case of chemical castration can be heard in all cases related to serious sexual offenses.

Expert View: Lowering Chemical Cestation i.e. Testosterone Level

  • Dr VP Pandey, Professor of Medicine, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College (MGM) Indore, said that the testosterone level of the person is reduced by using chemical chestation.
  • In this, the drug of Anaphradisik is reduced by the person’s sex drive. Drugs such as medroxyprogesterone acetate, cyprotron acetate and LHRH are also used, through which the level of testosterone is reduced.


  • Dr. Surjit Singh (Bhopal Urology Center) Dr. Devendra Dhakad said that chemical cestation is used in the treatment of prostate cancer. The level of testosterone is reduced by giving drugs in it. Although none of the chemical canastation can be done without consent.
  • If the government makes such a law then there is no problem in doing this process. There is an effect until medicines are given in it.
  • Generally speaking, chemical castration prevents the formation of a hormone formed in men, through which there is a desire to have sex.
  • US National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) According to the closure of chemical castration, it is no longer effective. In this process, daily medicines must be given or injected at a fixed time, thereby keeping the levels of hormones down. Once the effect of the medicine is finished, the level of the hormone increases again.

In 2012, the BJP had raised itself in demand

  • After the gang-rape in Delhi in 2012, the BJP had advised death sentence or chemical castration against the culprits.
  • At that time senior BJP leader and current vice-president Venkaiah Naidu had said this to the media. This proposal was also passed to the Standing Committee of Parliament.

In India, cases of rape are on the rise.

  • Many common women also consider chemical castration as a way to get rid of the desires of their husbands.
  • According to a report, the help of many sexologist is being taken in cities like Chennai, Mumbai. Although nothing can happen without the husband’s desire.

‘If law is created then fear will arise’

  • Sanjay Mehra, senior advocate of Madhya Pradesh High Court, said that the law of chemical castration can be implemented in India as well. To make a law, it must first pass the cabinet. After this, it will go to the Lok Sabha. After passing from there, go to the Rajya Sabha. After getting president’s approval, law will be made. Even if the government wants to bring an ordinance and can implement it immediately. Only the President’s approval is necessary to bring an ordinance.
  • Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau of Delhi had lobbied for a chemical castration of rape while giving punishment to the abuser of a step daughter.

According to the NCRB report in 2016

  • Rajesh Rai, founder of law firm RR Legal (New Delhi) said there is no law in India regarding chemical castration yet. If such a law is made, then the fear of criminals will arise.

What does the research say

  • According to a research in Scandinavia, after applying a chemical catering program, the reoffending rates dropped between 40% and 0-5%.
  • Although critics across the world consider it a step taken against humanity and it is a violation of human rights.

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