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  • Private professionals will prepare strategies for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • All Professionals will report to the Chief Public Relations Officer of Railway in their respective zones.

new Delhi. Railways have decided to hire 17 private professionals to give their new campaign to the publicity campaign (Publicity Campaign). A team is being formed for every zone, including the team leader, along with other technical experts such as Social Media Manager, Content Analyst, Content Writer and Video Editor. An estimated two crores of rupees are spent on a team annually.

At present, 70 officers are working in 18 zones for publicity campaigns. The Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) of Railways issues guidelines to all these. All these private professionals will report to the CPRO in their respective zones.

Teams will also assess media reports An official says that the Railways has been working as a publicity campaign with private agencies, but now the process is being redesigned. These teams will handle social media. In addition to assisting the media in coverage, the teams will also assess the media reports.

The officer also told that if there is any complaint related to the railway on the social media platform, then these teams will also play their role in resolving it. All teams have to give monthly and quarterly reports of their work to the concerned officers.

The team will also have to create a dashboard in their respective zones, teams also have to work on creating a dashboard in their zones. The new news articles and TV clips running on this dashboard will be available online. Each team’s expenditure is expected to be three to five lakh rupees for the dashboard.

A railway official says that so far the officials who are looking for the publicity work are connected to the railway. They have no special experience regarding social media. Private professionals will also prepare strategies for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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