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50 minority girls abducted in 4 months


  • The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan acknowledged – More than 1000 cases of conversions were registered in the province last year.
  • People are beginning to get on the streets against forcible conversions

Islamabad. The conversion of Hindu girls into Pakistan is as old as the Muslim population here. Hindu girls of 11-15 years are getting the most victims. On March 20, two Hindu girls of Dharki town of Sindh province suddenly disappeared. Two days later, on March 22, both girls came forward and said that they have accepted Islam and married Muslim youths. The girls’ father accused of kidnapping and forcible conversions. Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary and then Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj had a sharp debate on this.

This is not the only case. Hindus are only 1.6% of Pakistan’s 20 million population. If you look at the figures of 2018, their number was 36 lakh. Sawal Meghawar, 46, who lives in Nawab Shah of Sindh province, says, “We are very worried. We are unable to send our young children to India or any other country to save them from conversion. ” In the vicinity of Nawab Shah, the widow is now seen on the streets even after conversion. On July 5, thousands of Hindus, including women and children, had come to the streets. Protesters were shouting – Stop the abduction of our girls, stop the conversion of minority girls, protesters claimed that more than 50 minority girls have been abducted in just about four months in 2019. In the latest report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, it has assumed that more than 1000 cases of minority persecution have been registered in Sindh province alone last year. Hindu activist Bhiko Lal says- ‘We need security. The government should protect the rights of Hindus and other minorities. Prime Minister Imran Khan will have to come forward and trust in our rights, before it is too late. ‘ Imran Khan has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

Kishwar Nasheed, the author of Pakistan’s third highest honor, star-e-Imtiaz, said that “Government and millions of Pakistanis should oppose it.” Kishwar is not alone who is raising voice in the interest of minorities. Social worker Tahira Gul said: “We strongly protest against forced conversion.” The famous Pakistani lawyer Babar Sattar says, ‘It is malignant. The responsibility of the government is to create an environment where minorities are allowed to use their religious rights. Mukesh Meghwar, a lawyer in the Hindu Activist and Ghotgi Court, said that whenever the case of forcible conversions of Hindu girls comes, then the government releases the press release and condemns the incident.

Understand this situation of minorities in Pak-

DSP’s wife landed at Badhmatji on the day-long temple; Speaking – Stop worship, I can not sleep

In Pakistan, there are more cases than conversion. Recently in the Sindh province of Hyderabad, DSP’s wife made a furore in the temple. He came in forcibly and said that stop this worship. I am unable to sleep because of you people. According to a eyewitness, that lady also told the women and the children present there too badly and humiliated them badly. Ramesh Kumar, one of the temple administrators in the city’s Citizen Colony, told Dainik Bhaskar that, “When the woman came in, she started saying bad things and then we were shocked. We were stopped by prayer. Given the safety of the people, we had to shut down the temple. ‘ The incident is July 5. The video of the incident became viral on social media on July 6 the following day. After this, the IG of Sindh Police was forced to take cognizance. In this case, a spokesman of the Sindh Police told that “IG has instructed the concerned officials not to repeat such a recurrence. The temple administration has forgiven the woman, so action has not been taken. ‘ More such incidents have occurred.

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