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6 places fracture in the victim's body after road accident, fighting for 5 days, war for life


  • On 28th July Unnam misbehaved victim became an accident in Rae Bareli, her aunt and aunt died in the accident
  • Victim is recruited in ICU in KGMU, Lucknow, doctors expect – things can improve in 24 hours

Lucknow. Unnam misbehavior, condition of the victim remained fragile on the fifth day after the accident. He has been admitted to the ICU in KGMU, Lucknow. Doctors told that after the incident, there was a fracture in his body of 6 places and around 3 units of blood blew. He is still fighting a war for life.

This incident happened on 28th July in Rae Bareli. The victim’s aunt and aunt died. Their lawyers were seriously injured. The Supreme Court had directed all the cases related to this whole case to be transferred to Delhi. The case of the accident will be transferred after the investigation is completed. The court also gave instructions to provide security to the victim’s family.

The right part of the body of the victim is in the worst condition – Dr. Sandeep Tiwari of the doctor KGMU said that the right part of the victim’s body is worse. The jaw, the right elbows, the collar bone, the hip bone and the right leg bone fracture. We are trying our best to save it. On August 1, it was tried to remove him from the ventilator, but he had to get it back on the ventilator. It is expected that there will be some improvement in the condition within 24 hours.

He said – A large team of experts is treating the victim. However, in the condition that the victim reached the hospital, such a situation does not improve quickly. Condition improves gradually. Since accident, he has not sensed. Tracheometis (incision in the throat) have been applied due to difficulty in breathing.

Critical Dr Sandeep said due to the internal bleeding, because of thigh bone breaking, nearly one and a half liters of blood was bleeding. Internal bleeding was too much. Because of this the condition remains critical. Occasionally, internal injury is serious, which can not be scanned.

Mother asks doctors – how is Bitia now? The mother of the victim lives outside the ICU. The mother asks every doctor who comes out to see how my daughter is now. However, the whole family has now been taken to the security cover. The family of the victim first used to talk to the media daily, but no one had spoken on Friday.

MLA Kuldeep Sengar has been accused of misbehaving gang rape was done in 2017 by the victim. It is alleged that MLA Kuldeep Sengar and others misbehaved with the girl for the job of getting a job. The victim was a minor at that time Later the victim’s father died in police custody. It is alleged that the MLA had assaulted her father. After the father’s death, the victim had tried suicide in front of the chief minister in Lucknow. After this the investigation was entrusted to the SIT. CBI is now investigating. On Wednesday, BJP expelled MLA Sanger from the party. Sengar is now in jail in Sitapur.

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