A cab driver’s honesty wins hearts across the country

The integrity of a taxi driver is going viral on social media. Hearing the story will put a smile on your face.

Asif Iqbal Abdul Pathan helped his passengers immensely by returning the man’s wallet. The story was shared in detail on Twitter. @darthsierra states when he and his wife were heading out of Hiranandani Powai, they had booked a cab. The man chatted with the duo about the rain and the importance of safeguarding kids and bikes from it.

After heading through intense traffic, the two finally reached their destination. About an hour into the evening, the guy realized that he couldn’t locate his wallet. So he called the taxi driver once again.

Mr. Sierra got his precious phone back in a while. The two then shared a moment together as it was both their birthdays(Mr. Sierra was heading to a pub via the cab in order to celebrate).


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