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A man in the US who murdered 5 of his kids gets sentenced to death

Timothy Jones Jr is now 37 years old. He will be spending the remainder of his life behind bars until he is executed. Timothy made his son Nathan exercises until he collapsed and passed away from exhaustion. He choked Merah, 8, Elias, 7, Gabriel, 2, and Elaine, 1 to death.

The horrific crimes took place in Lexington, California. Jones pleaded guilty, stating that he was “insane”, his lawyer said he was a schizophrenic who “snapped”.

Many witnesses came forward and spoke of Timothy’s past. He had been displaying erratic behavior after joining a cult.

‘This is the Tim I was scared I would see one day. I mean, he’s got some relatives, his mother, unfortunately, they’re not right, you know…It’s just bad DNA I guess. He’s sick, man, that’s all there is to it,’ Tim Jones Sr said.

The thing is this was a premeditated crime, which shouldn’t be forgiven. And the jury saw it that way. This monster had instructions penned about various ways to dispose of the bodies. He buried them at a hillside near Camden, Alabama whilst fully aware of his actions.



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