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Accept cryptocurrency payments with a new solution from Blockmove


The rapid growth in the sphere of cryptocurrency payments today is a consequence of the growing demand for this service from digital asset owners, whose number around the world is growing every day.

And online payment is the leader here. So, online business owners who still don't use this popular online payment method are clearly not keeping up with the times. After all, the advantages are obvious.

When accepting payments in cryptocurrency, a seller moves away from the control of traditional banking organizations and pays them higher commissions. The seller also clears geographic boundaries for his customers, as cryptocurrency holders are people from different parts of the world. In addition, by introducing the ability to pay in cryptocurrency on your website, the owner automatically attracts a new segment of customers to your product, since there are not yet many stores that use digital assets.

Blockmove merchant service

Taking into account the growing demand for the introduction of cryptocurrencies for online payment in various resources, the Blockomove team has developed a product that meets all the modern requirements of this sector. And the Blockmove merchant turned out to be exactly what any average online resource owner, who doesn't know much about the technical features of this problem, but is interested in its implementation, would like this service to be – simple, clear, secure and anonymous.

The merchant installation process will not take long. First, the user performs a simple and quick registration in a few clicks on the Blockmove website in the “Merchant” section, specifying only the email and password. Then they install Merchant by filling in all the necessary information. And then they can start working immediately. The list of cryptocurrencies is quite extensive and includes 8 of the most popular, in addition to ERC20 tokens. In addition, the first year of commercial service is completely free!

Blockmove API

For more advanced users or those who need more functionality, Blockmove offers the ability to work with the API, charging the lowest commission for outbound transactions – just 0.3%. The company's API service, unlike Merchant, allows the user's application to use all of Blockmove's functions, including automating the sending and receiving of payments, the receipt of transaction history data and the selection of supported transactions and cryptocurrencies. As for security, in the Blockmove API, it is characterized by the transfer of HTTPS encrypted data, protection of the API key and restricted access by IP addresses.

You can also activate and configure your resource's API with just a few clicks on the Blockmove website, where you will find detailed documentation for API integration, which you will need to study first. There are libraries ready for developers.

What else from Blockmove?

It is worth noting that Blockmove is also a crypto-wallet. Its distinctive feature is a high level of security, since only the user has control over private keys, and they are available only when requested in the wallet, and Blockmove does not store them anywhere. In addition, the user does not need to undergo KYC procedures, which adds anonymity to the portfolio. When registering, only email and password are required. You can find all Blockmove services on the official website. Join Blockmove!

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