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Account managed by Artificiar Intelligence surpasses traditional asset management programs


World Markets, a name long associated with providing innovative solutions for trading digital and physical assets, opened its high performance AI managed account association to the general public.

In the 37 months that AI's managed account trading option was opened, it witnessed only 4 months with negative returns, accumulating a compound return of almost 100% in the last quarter alone.

This new automated trading solution operates in several traditional asset and cryptocurrency markets at any time. It managed to generate an average return of 21.77% per month from the beginning, which can be confirmed by the historical trading data maintained on its website. This figure puts it far above and beyond the performance of many asset managers, thanks to the innovations made by the company in terms of AI trading development.

Why the AI ​​managed account outperforms its competitors

Beginning as a precious metals dealer in 2003, World Markets is a global full-service financial company that uses a team of professional traders to manage its clients' accounts. Following the trends defined by Wall Street in 2017, the AI ​​Managed Account issued by World Markets is completely independent of human intervention, eliminating prejudices and emotions from commercial activity. This allows you to perform operations quickly and objectively, based on time-tested mathematical principles programmed in your algorithms. As a result, AI's Managed Account is able to outperform the Bitcoin market monthly as it can accumulate gains, regardless of whether the market is moving up, down or sideways.

What is AI Trading?

AI is short for "artificial intelligence", a term used to infer that a machine has the ability to learn, adapt and improve its performance. This is possible with the advent of neural network software that mimics the behavior of the brain's learning process.

Thanks to AI, the data received can be compared with previous results in order to make automated changes that allow more accurate predictions about future data received.

Applied to trading software, AI trading means that most or all aspects of a trading program are governed by the neural network learning process. Although most trading software uses simple algorithms that do not automatically adjust to adapt to changing market conditions, AI-driven trading software is capable of making these adjustments. This allows it to remain flexible and obtain a higher degree of profit than software with static and immutable algorithms.

How to begin

To participate in the World Markets AI Managed Account program, simply open an account for free on your website. There is no charge to start, an annual management fee of 1% and a performance fee of 20%, which means that 20% of the total profit is earned monthly (there are never any loss fees). A minimum deposit of € 5,000 is required which can be made in the form of bank transfer, Visa / MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are no fees or penalties for making withdrawals, which can be made at any time. Balances and commercial activity can also be monitored at any time, 24/7. Trading in AI's managed account program requires zero user intervention.

About world markets

Founded in 2003, World Markets is a digital and physical gold and silver dealer, as well as a digital financial trading operation. They have been the winners of several industry awards over more than a decade and are currently partnering with some of the leading blockchain-based business associations, working to bring their expertise in the metals industry to the digital asset trade. For more information on world markets and their AI managed account program, visit the website. They can also be contacted by email, the message option provided on the website, or by calling one of the phone numbers of their various branches located around the world (also listed on the website).

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