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Adnan Sami, “Where was your father born? Singer replied with a Clash!

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Singer Adnan Sami, a Pakistani man, questioned his father’s birth, which he said stopped the trawler. “Where was your father born and where did he die?” adnan wrote in a tweet on Thursday: “My father was born in India in 1942 and died in India in 2009.” Need to know more?’

Adnan Sami’s Tweet

Greetings were given by Sami on Independence Day occasion

Adnan greeted the entire country through Twitter on the occasion of Independence Day. The user asked him this question about his post. In addition to this tweet, people from Adnan also demanded their views on the Kashmir issue. Responding to this, Adnan Sami tweeted, “Kashmir has always been a part of India. So don’t put your nose in things that you have nothing to do with it. Singer’s response has received a lot of praise.

Adnan Sami’s Tweet


Indian citizenship is taken by Adnan Sami in 2016

Adnan’s family moved to Pakistan after Indo-Pak split. The singer was born in Britain. But he neither took British citizenship nor Pakistan. At a very young age, he had taken Canadian citizenship and when he came to India, he became so creative that he took Indian citizenship in 2016. Adnan’s songs were once well-loved and raised. He then gave several consecutive hit albums.

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