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After Germany shuns Monero {XMR}, The Dollar Vigilante endorses privacy-centric project


Monero is ranked at #13 to the south of Cardano in the market. In the course of the past 24-hours, the price shot up at a rate of 3.37% which, in turn, helped $XMR soar all the way up to the $59.30 mark where it presently holds. The trading volume recorded stands at approximately $180.932 million, whereas the supply has 17,280,120 XMR coins in play as of this instant. The total market cap of Monero is $1.024 billion.

Jeffrey David Berwick is a renowned anarcho-capitalist. He has been interviewed on Fox News after he became a full-fledged crypto-enthusiast. Bloomberg has spoken extensively to Jeff with regard to the growth of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector.

In this video, Jeff addresses the latest controversy tied to Mark Zuckerberg’s second Congressional hearing. According to Jeffrey, LIBRA is a “centralized” project, which is being investigated by officers of the law who are the real “criminals” preying on the dubious citizens residing within the United States of America.

Jeff also referred to the lost vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, and how governments across the globe are keeping tabs of crypto-based transactions [i.e. those taking place on open-ledgers]. He spoke of the arrival of Blockstream in the cryptosphere, and how the Lightning Network is yet to function as an effective tool. Do note that Bitcoin maximalists keep harping on how BTC was never supposed to be anonymous but pseudonymous.

Berwick then moved on to privacy-centric projects like Monero. He talked about how several organizations working alongside various ruling regimes wish to stamp out the existence of privacy entirely to prevent HAMAS, ISIS and other terrorist groups from being funded with cryptocurrencies. Berwick denounced the German lawmakers for looking down on Monero and condemmed the fishing expedition conducted by the IMF, the Federal Reserve, etc.

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