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After this victory, some characters are entitled to get a thank you card from Modi


On the occasion of this historic victory, PM Modi should send a thank you card to some of these people who have made this victory a reality:

Amit Shah: No one expressed more than the party president’s desire to win at any cost. One example is enough. Shah claims that he visited Bengal 91 times in the last five years. He formed alliances in major states like Bihar and Maharashtra, showing resilience against opposition rigor.

Congress: When did the Modi government’s possible defeat turn into a spectacular ‘tsunami’? Strange to say, the Congress victory in three states in December was the turning point. The Congress felt that it had found the formula to defeat the invincible machine of Modi-Shah-RSS. It had the option of increasing its own influence or reducing the Modi factor from strategic alliances. He made the wrong choice.

Rahul Gandhi: Congress president campaigned with full energy but without coherent strategy. Even when they brought ‘justice’, it was so complex that it could not attract people. If they benefit from the Gandhi legacy, then it is a burden. This gave Modi an opportunity to raise the issue of ‘Kamdar’ versus ‘Namdar’ in front of a young India, which prefers merit rather than dynasty.

Regional Opposition: The opposition of Modi opposition from Mamta to Mayawati and Chandrababu Naidu was the trademark of the opposition. There were so many internal contradictions that it was difficult to adopt the common vision of removing Modi, so a ‘mahagathbandhan’ like 1977 could never really happen.

Masood Azhar and Pak terror factory: In the backdrop of Pulwama and Balakot, Modi claimed to have ‘jailed gangster and jihadi machine in focus and’ killed in the house ‘. This helped to bolster his claim to be a strong leader and to make the election a presidential system.

Media : From Modi’s interview to TV news agency on New Year’s Day to the ‘non-political’ conversation with actor Akshay Kumar and the way Kedarnath’s ‘spiritual journey’ for TV on the last day of voting was so biased That opposition vanished. According to a TV Audience Research report, in April, Modi was shown 722 hours by TV news channels, while Rahul was seen less than 252 hours.

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