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Alia Bhatt did not like to go to the gym. But Alia Bhatt, first of all, arises in the morning, first 5 minutes walks on the treadmill, then again, the race, for the mantle grind, one does the work, breakfast, egg and steamed poha

Entertainment desk Alia Bhatt is going to be 26 years old. He was born on March 15, 1993 in Mumbai . ‘Student of the Year’ debuted in Bollywood is being debuted in the most popular actresses in the industry . His upcoming film ‘Kalank”s Teaser has recently been released, which is being liked very much on social media. If you do not talk about the fitness of the person, then you do not want to go to the gym. Alia is absolutely fit today. Now they do regular exercises. Today, you are going to tell about Alia’s routine workout and the Died Plan …

– Alia’s day starts from the walk They walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes as soon as they wake up in the morning. After that he runs for about 10 minutes. They exercise cardio thrice a week, for which they take about 45 minutes.

– Aalias exercises Planck in the gym. These exercises are the best option for flat and toned stomach. This exercise burns more calories. They also perform regular Pilates exercises.

Kathak and ballet dance
Alia loves to dance kathak and ballerina very much. They also include them in their fitness routine. Apart from this, they also kick, boxing and swimming to stay fit. They also do Yoga to keep themselves fit. Ashtanga Yoga is his favorite yoga, which he does two times in a week. Apart from this, Alia also performs meditation so that she can keep herself free from stress.

67 kg was the weight of the body
Alia’s weight was 67 kg before coming to the movies, but she lost about 16 kg for debut film ‘Student of the Year’. And this weight was reduced in just 3 weeks. Alia had told in an interview – “I do not think how thick the hands have become or I have to make an abuser. I just believe in being healthy and fit ‘

Ali’s Diet Plan
Ali takes low carbohydrate and high protein diets to stay fit. In an interview he had said, ‘I follow low-carbs diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day. I chit one day a day with diet and eat my favorite food.

Diet plan
Along with Exercise, Alia also follows a special diet plan for her fit body because she believes that a better diet plan for fit body is of great value.

– Omelette or egg white, sandwich, steamed poha in breakfast. They eat something or something every 2 hours. In tea time they drink non-sugar black coffee or tea.

– Before eating, they eat one fruit and drink juice. With boiled bread in the luncheon, without oil and ghee bread, occasionally eats without cream.

– At dinner they eat seasonal vegetable, roasted chicken, fish, lentils and a bowl of rice. They dine about 2 hours before sleeping.

Alia Bhatt Birthday: Alia Bhatt Fitness Workout Diet Secrets And Yoga Exercises

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