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America Will Provide For India’s Defense Needs under One Condition!

Washington: The Trump Administration has said that the US is ready to help India’s defense needs meet with modern technologies and equipment. With this, he cautioned that buying a long distance ‘S-400 missile defense mechanism’ from Russia could have an impact on India. This statement from the Trump administration came after a similar warning given by a senior US State Department official a few weeks ago. The official had said that India will have ‘serious implication’ on the India-US defense relationship to purchase missile mechanisms from Russia. 

Significantly, the S-400 is a long-range missile defense mechanism from Russia’s most modern surface to air. China had become the first country to enter into a contract between government to buy this mechanism in 2014. After discussions on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in October last year, after discussions on several issues in October last year, the S-400 ‘air defense mechanism purchase deal was signed between India and Russia for $ 5 billion. External Affairs Ministry official Alice G. Wells told the House subcommittee in foreign affairs for Asia, Pacific and Nuclear Nonproliferation that America now has the most military exercises with India compared to any other country.

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