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American Youtuber investigates the disappearance of Daniel Fraga, the worst bitcoin in Brazil


Daniel Fraga is one of the Bitcoin pioneers in Brazil
(Photo: YouTube Play)

An American youtuber named Arthur James McDaniel produced a kind of mini-documentary in English about the history of bitcoin pioneer in Brazil, Dâniel Fraga.

The channel The Gamer From Mars, which is what the author calls himself, posted the video on Tuesday (19) and in 12 hours it had more than 60 thousand views. The script was written by Izzy Nobre, who in the past antagonized Fraga's ideas about bitcoin, but eventually acknowledged it was wrong.

The video starts with the call about Fraga's location, which is unknown. Then, in the middle of a scene recorded inside a forest, The Gamer claims that the Brazilian made a lot of money with bitcoin and that he is a millionaire, with one difference:

“While many of the bitcoin pioneers get rich and squander their money, one of them is fleeing the government. Today, we are going to discuss this story ”, he says.

After placing the story in São Paulo, the video shows the beginning of Fraga as a youtuber, in 2010, which was more dedicated to exposing the inefficiency of the mayor's administration at the time, Gilberto Kassab.

The channel, he describes, could even be considered simple today. “There was no regularity in the posts, nor a defined line, nor anything very extravagant”, explains The Gamer while showing the feed of the first videos of the Brazilian, with videos like the garbage in the streets, cars rotting, signs without visualizations, etc.

“At first nothing was edited, it just seemed like a way for him to document what he saw in his daily life,” says the narrator.

See the video:

Fraga's turn

The situation changes when Fraga appoints Kassab as the person responsible for the problem in a video published in April 2010. From then on, he constantly quotes the then mayor. A few months later, he appears in front of the cameras for the first time in the style that enshrined him.

From then on, the channel starts to grow. "It was something that was trivialized for people but that someone needed to show on the internet to click on everyone's head."

Over time, says the video, Fraga adopted the political philosophy of anarcho-liberalism. It became an ancap, as people say in Brazil. More than that: he became perhaps the main voice in Brazil on the subject.

Gradually Fraga's controversies began to grow as well. The first big problem started when Fraga criticized a candidate for the mayor of Campinas, who sued him. Like a controversial snowball, the Brazilian also criticized the judge responsible for the case, who, in turn, also filed a lawsuit trying to remove the video from the internet.

Fraga was then ordered to remove the video under penalty of a fine, but he refused to do so. The case grew in popularity and the judge decided to drop the charges.

The mini-documentary shows the escalation of Fraga's other conflicts in court with politicians, without Fraga giving way. When the court turned over his bank account, he found less than R $ 30 to confiscate. Fraga had possibly converted everything into bitcoin and, therefore, became a millionaire years later.

Since then, there have also been lawsuits by two auditors from the Federal Revenue Service who were called thieves and one by former deputy Cidinha Campos, who was unable to seek the reparations requested in court, precisely because she did not know where Daniel Fraga is.

The most recent content on your YouTube channel is from March 2017. Even without updates since then, the videos have been viewed 17 million times.

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