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Andreas Antonopoulos announces book on Lightning Network

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Andreas Antonopoulos, the author of the books Dominating Bitcoin and Dominating Ethereum, announced on Wednesday 28 that he will start the book Dominating Lightning Network. He commented that the start date will be next September 15, as a collaborative and open project, in conjunction with Olaoluwa Osuntokun, co-founder of Lightning Labs and Rene Pickhardt, mathematician and data scientist, a frequent contributor to forums dedicated to that Bitcoin micropayment network.

In the video of the formal announcement of the book on Lightning Network (LN), which will be ready for the last quarter of 2020, the authors joked about what they considered “the worst kept secret of the ecosystem”, since two weeks ago the User of Reddit i7Robin had reported that Antonopoulos had created a repository on GitHub, intended for the book Dominating Lightning Network. Although at the time, the directory contained no information. Contacted by CryptoNoticias, Antonopoulos confirmed the existence of the book’s project but declined to give details about it at the time.

The main difference with Antonopoulos’s first two books, on Bitcoin and Ethereum, is that the work dedicated to LN will be done collaboratively and openly. This September 15, Pickhardt noted, the authors will begin placing the initial content of the work on GitHub, with the intention of getting as much feedback as possible from readers.

Lightning Network (LN), is a Peer-to-Peer (or peer-to-peer) protocol that runs on Bitcoin and other blockchains and offers secure and almost instantaneous micropayments.

Repository of the book “Dominating Lightning Network”.

Pickhardt noted that he had been working on the project of a collaborative book on LN and that, earlier this year, Antonopoulos had approached him to propose his collaboration in the initiative. With the subsequent incorporation of Olaoluwa Osuntokun into the project, they began to define the specific details of the joint work and decided that the creation of the book would be collaborative and open with its recipients.

“Readers can collaborate in different ways,” ananAntonopoulos says. ‘They may participate in the technical aspects of LN, or an uninitiated reader could say that they do not understand a certain aspect of the content,’ says Antonopoulos.”

This book is not intended for programmers or application developers, Antonopoulos says, but for those who want to know more about this second-layer network and how to take advantage of their instant payments. However, it clarifies, the necessary information will be offered for those who want to program simple LN applications.

A Contributor’s Guide to the LN Book is available in the GitHub repository. A table of contents of the chapter will be placed. The first will be placed on September 15th and the procedure to follow is the same stipulated by GitHub for collaborations in any project. Contributions will be made through a request for collaboration (pull request) in the book repository and in line with the status of the project.

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