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Angry people watching Ranu Mandal's video, said – now respect is over

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Mumbai. Ranu Mondal, who made his identity with talent and humility, today people are questioning the same identity. Like a video singing the song of Lata Mangeshkar Ranu system which made them overnight people favorite singer, just the same way his recent viral (Ranu Mondal Viral) video draw the hate of people Ranu Started. In this video, Ranu is seen getting angry on the touch of a female fan. This fan only requested to take selfie from Ranu. People did not like the same thing about Ranu.

Ranu was a favorite of social media users till date, while he is seen making rude comments for Ranu. One user wrote for Ranu – ‘Respect is over’. At the same time another user wrote- ‘Ghee is digested to very few people’. Another wrote- ‘How didi do like this? One song has come and now no other song is going to play. At the same time, some say that ‘I forgot the situation’. Apart from this, many people have advised Ranu not to boast.

Ranu Mandal received such comments

At the same time, there was a time when Sur Empress Lata Mangeshkar had advised Ranu to remain original and people did not like the talk of Lata Mangeshkar. Everyone was seen posting on social media in support of Ranu Mandal, but one act of Ranu disappointed the fans that now everyone is seen telling incestuous things to Ranu. Now it will be a matter to see whether Ranu comes forward to present his case on this matter. Let us tell you that there was a time when Ranu used to sing Bollywood songs while sitting in the corner of Mandal railway station and passersby used to give money to Ranu for food and sometimes something to eat. One day, a person named Atindra Chakraborty shared a video of Ranu on Facebook, which went viral overnight.

In this video, Ranu was singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma’. People liked Ranu’s voice so much that through Himesh Reshammiya, he also got a chance as a playback singer in Bollywood.

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