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Arjun Kapoor is angry at Bhatkal’s life being peaceful

Recently, Arjun had interviews with journalists in order to promote his upcoming movie “India’s Most Wanted”.

 On one such occasion, he talked Yasin Bhatkal, the convicted terrorist. He said that in spite of all the evidence being present, he is labelled innocent in the court and is fed biryani as a welcome guest.

Arjun Kapoor goes on to say that his blood boils when he hears stories of Yasin. After a clear case against him, that proves he is a stone-cold murderer who should be executed, the officials are still attending to his needs. Arjun also says that the man is devoid of feeling any kind of shame. He prays that the court will be firm in deciding his fate. Our society has no place for monsters like him, remarks Arjun.

He states that even though the law is equal to all, we should think about how the families of his numerous victims feel.

When Raj Kumar Gupta approached Arjun with the script, he was aware of the incident as a whole but had no clue regarding the perpetrators. He talked about how the media suppresses key information like this. India’s Most Wanted is all set to be released on May 24th, 2019.


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