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Arteïa co-founder says Picasso is also about the modernization of the digital art market

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Arteïa- Artia- Project co-founder and CSO Olivier Marian -Olivier Marian- Exclusive interview with Virtual Currency
Blockchain companies led by well-known families bring innovation to the conventional art market. Arteïaa is supported by Marian and champagne Maison, historically renowned as the famous elderly care service company Orpea in Europe. The company is building a new ecosystem of blockchain infrastructure to create a fairer art market.

According to Olivier Marian, founder and CSO of Arteïa, there is a major problem in the traditional art market about the “transparency” of information and the “liquidity” of art.

Arteïa, led by an art industry man, uses the latest technology to solve these problems.

Marian told me the story of a Swiss-based startup that is friendly to cryptocurrency regulation.

The challenges and solutions presented by Arteïa in the “information” of works of art in the current market.

And we will deliver arteïa’s vision of modernizing the archaic ecosystem by establishing a fairer standard for all market participants.

Could you tell us about your past experiences before Arteïa was born?

I am a computer engineer.

I studied computers at a university in France and got an MS and MBA in graduate school in the United States. He has worked for several IT companies, including Microsoft in France, and in the 90s he started a startup for Internet advertising.

It was a very interesting time when the Internet was just beginning to spread.

After that, I worked as a consultant and angel investor.

About 13 years ago, I started a project in Belgium to work with my parents, and at that time I became attracted to art through the art collections my parents owned.

I’ve been working until then.

My family originally lived in France, but my father has more than 50,000 employees and is the founder of Orpea, an internationally developed nursing home company.

My parents often went to art galleries and museums.

Both of them had passion for their works of art, so they only bought works that they really liked.

Still, I started buying it 50 years ago, so now I have a large collection.

This was so wonderful that when I moved to Belgium, I decided to make some time for myself and learn about art.

However, as an IT engineer, I began to get interested in the database and management system of the art collection (laughs).

At the time, there were only tools for museums that were not easy to use, so I built my own database.

Arteïa began three years ago when I met Philip Germain (now Arteïa CEO) and (current Arteïa CTO) Malek Zavicki, who was looking for a good project as an angel investor. Philippe, a businessman well versed in financial markets, is the founder of the first online broker listed on the Paris Stock Exchange called Bourse Direct.

On the other hand, Malek, who holds a Ph.D. in mathematics, has been involved in the development of software, mainly used in museums, and is an IT expert with experience in starting an IT company himself.

Very familiar with art management systems, many customers in Europe use Malek’s technology in inventory management. Marek also realized that there was a demand for management tools available to art collectors, so they started the Arteïa project together and decided to work with the Tetange family, famous for their champagne.

Could you say a few words at the end about the Arteïa project?

Arteïa is a long-term project that provides tokens that can be used immediately after the ICO.

We have a product that has been making money since before the ICO, and we have raised 3 million euros (about 350 million yen) in equity alone, a real company that has been in operation for more than three years.

30,000 pieces of art are already registered in the database, and the Arteïa app is also available for download in the App Store.

In addition to the Cahiers d’Art we mentioned earlier, we have also partnered with Belgian art insurance services companies and companies that distribute and store art.

Arteïa does not focus on one aspect of the art market, but rather builds an ecosystem where all market players can access “information” about art more efficiently.
In general, icing is a bit suspicious, but Arteïa is not just a project, it’s a real company that’s familiar with the art.

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