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Atlas Quantum creator owes R $ 61,000 in rent to former minister of Lula and Dilma governments


Antonio Palocci was twice minister of PT governments and twice fell because of corruption (Photo: Shutterstock)

The new home and office of Rodrigo Marques, creator of Atlas Quantum, has already passed the “pay rent” phase. Projeto Consultoria Empresarial Empresarial e Financeira, which manages the Çiragan condominium property, filed an eviction suit against Marques because of a debt that already reaches R $ 61 thousand.

The Project is owned by PT politician Antonio Palocci, former minister of the Lula and Dilma Rousseff governments. In 2016, according to Valor Econômico, the company had R $ 128 million in assets blocked by the Lava-Jato operation. Who manages the property is the former secretary of politician Rita de Cássia dos Santos.

According to the lawsuit, passed on to the Bitcoin Portal by lawyer Artêmio Picanço, the apartment was rented in January 2018 for 36 months. The monthly fee was R $ 10,000, with the possibility of adjustments. However, in October last year, payments stopped being made.

“The debt corresponds to the amount of R $ 61,563.13 (sixty-one thousand, five hundred and sixty-three reais and thirteen cents), in addition to the rent arrears, a 10% (ten percent) penalty, monetary correction, interest on 1% (one percent) per month, legal fees of 20% (twenty percent) ”, says the text.

The property owner's lawyers asked for preliminary and urgent relief. Regarding the first, it is stated that the trend is that debt increases every month. Regarding the second, one of the justifications is that “there is unequivocal proof of default” by Atlas Quantum.

Eviction was filed at the end of January. So far, however, it has not been successful. As it is possible to follow the process in the São Paulo Court of Justice, the judge in the case dismissed the eviction injunction twice.

Atlas Quantum Issues

Atlas Quantum was one of the most successful ponzi schemes in Brazil disguised as bitcoin arbitrage. The company had more than 300 employees, hired famous personalities for advertisements such as Cauã Raymond and Marcelo Tas.

Since August last year, after receiving a notification from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company has stopped paying customers. At the time, the company made several promises of payments and Rodrigo Marques even went on a commission of the Chamber of Deputies that investigated scams with cryptocurrencies.

Antonio Palocci Filho was Minister of Finance during the Lula government. He fell in 2006 in the famous case of breach of bank secrecy of the caretaker Francenildo da Costa. In 2011, he returned to power to head the Casa Civil during the Dilma government. It fell in less than six months due to reports of illicit enrichment.

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