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Atlas Quantum creator owns an offshore company in Uruguay


Rodrigo Marques during a lecture at Bitconf (Photo: Bitcoin Portal)

“I'm going to talk today about a company that Mr. Rodrigo Marques knows about his existence ”, it was in this way that the lawyer Artêmio Picanço Neto announced in a video on YouTube that the creator of Atlas Quantum would have an offshore company in Uruguay.

The lawyer recalled the story that Marques had an alleged Uruguayan passport, which he said he did not know if it was true. On the other hand, he shared a link containing a document pointing out that a certain company in Uruguay is in fact Rodrigo Marques.

The document in question is a certificate from the Dirección General Impositiva (DGI), the Uruguayan Federal Revenue Service. Picanço, however, put tags on some information such as the name of the company. However, Marques' name and passport appear on the certificate.

From Atlas Quantum to Uruguayan Offshore

In the video, the lawyer mentioned that he would not divulge the name of the company, but said that the address of the Uruguayan company of Marques is the same as that of people in the Juárez cartel.

“I will not say whether there is a coalition with this or not. But Google ‘Colony 981/305 Cártel de Juárez. You will find a 2001 article on money laundering ”.

Picanço stated that he is not saying that Marques "did it directly, but that he will provide clarification on this offshore".

Dangerous connection

According to a report made in 2001, published by the website La Red21, the company discovered with a connection to money laundering of narcotics was Financeira Estarey, which was formed on April 3, 1995. This company operated as a brokerage firm. exchange, operating on the stock exchange and gold trading.

Financier Estarey, however, was chaired by Nicolás Di Tullio and had Martha Otero, Judith Viera and Graciela Sabella as directors.

Explaining right

O Bitcoin Portal he contacted the lawyer who mentioned that he is absolutely sure that the company belongs to Rodrigo marques and to prove this he left the passport information in the DGI document on display.

“The company is his, yes. It is the same Rodrigo Marques ”, he said.

Picanço explained that he came to this document after a long investigation. Everything would have started from a loan agreement, under which Marques would sell to Phoenix. The lawyer had “access to this convertible loan agreement for sale” from that company.

The point, however, is that "instead of Marques selling Phoenix as if it were an Atlas product, he offered this offshore company", as the lawyer narrated. From then on, Picanço ran after the information from that offshore. He said he had to pay a lawyer from Uruguay to obtain such information and still pay for the public consultation that should be carried out with the DGI.

“I thereby paid for an outside lawyer. I did a public consultation. There, the person has to ask for an appointment and the service is paid for ”, he said.

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