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Atlas Quantum Withdraws Mention of Bitcoin Arbitration from Website Following CVM Notification

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The Quantum Atlas did a makeover on your website in recent days and removed all references to automated arbitration servição of bitcoin.

The changes were made following notification by the Real Estate Commission and show that it is, in theory, no longer offering the service to new clients, although it keeps it operating for old clients.

Widely publicized as an automated investment firm bitcoin and criptomoedas, Atlas site is visible only its secondary service: the sale of Bitcoin.

Anyone who enters the company’s website sees a reception message that invites the customer to buy bitcoin “easily and safely”. Prior to the change, the message said that the focus was “equity expansion with our automated Bitcoin arbitration platform”.

The arbitrage page, which promised “daily profitability”, was also taken down. On-site, it explained how the robot worked and the daily, monthly and annual income:

“Our arbitrage algorithm, Quantum, works at more than 11 international Bitcoin brokers, identifying the best cryptocurrency buying and selling opportunities. When it identifies the chance of performing an arbitrage operation (ie buying Bitcoin where it is cheap and selling where it is most expensive), it automatically executes the order. So we operate with a safe strategy, but at the same time delivering profitability and value to our customers! ”.

On the “ About Us ” page there have also been changes: Earlier mention was made of “wealth generation” and Quantum, the “algorithm that does bitcoin financial arbitration with daily profitability”. Both were withdrawn and exchanged for: “We are a financial services company that combines technology with cryptocurrencies. Our main product is Quantum. ”

Asked, the company said it has been continually adjusting its reporting to CVM mandates.

CVM and withdrawal of withdrawals
Last week, the CVM ordered Atlas Quantum to stop offering bonds or collective investment contracts.

The statement cites four Atlas companies and their founder, Rodrigo Marques. According to the text, the remuneration of the offered product “would be linked to the result of the companies ‘efforts in the negotiation of crypto companies through the algorithm entitled’ Quantum ”.

If the offer is maintained there will be a daily fine of R $ 100,000.

Following the CVM measure, there has been an increase in withdrawal requests, which are leading to delays and increased customer complaints.

In a statement, the company said that for one-off technical reasons, “withdrawals on the company’s platform had – for a temporary period – increased time to be taken” and added that “all users whose withdrawals are past D + 1 ( 24 hours) will have the arrears earnings credited with a 25% bonus. ”

Grant Thornton Audit
On Friday (23), the company released data from a report signed by Thiago Kurt de Almeida Costa Brehmer, a partner of Grant Thornton, whose conclusion is that Atlas Quantum owns 15,226.1 Bitcoin and 34,793,966, 2 of crypto dollars, a term referring to a basket of stablecoins.

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