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Audio: "Begging 100 thousand reais is miserable", says creator of Unick Forex


Leidimar Lopes, the creator of the company accused of being a criminal organization

A series of audios obtained by Bitcoin Portal reveal that Unick Forex boss Leidimar Lopes really thought, how he acted to make more money and his career built on suspicious companies.

In one of the most angry conversations, he talks about money and fights with an unknown interlocutor:

“I'm telling you, brother, you are miserable. He's begging R $ 100 thousand. You are unfortunate, that's what you are ”.

In addition to the fights, the audios show an even darker side: how he guided people to borrow from moneylenders so that they could then invest everything in Unick Forex.

As one of the audios revealed, Leidimar tries to get a loan through loan sharking to a person who would have lost R $ 1 million at Telexbit at the time. According to the audio, he wanted to invest in Unick.

"He is a guy who has a lot of assets that is a little unbalanced," said Leidimar, explaining that the person did not want to sell, but rather to give a very high value property as a guarantee.

An audio directed to an "enemy" who was supposed to be giving him problems at Unick was also revealed.

According to the file, Leidimar says he is used to hearing stories about old people, from people who are no good "trying to ruin the things that work".

“Even though I am fifty, a million investigators, I have nothing to hide. My life is public… my name everyone knows, my address, the businesses I have… Unick is a cool company, it works for real ”.

Voice messages also reveal Leidimar's trajectory since it started in the cryptocurrency market, including taking a hit.

It is not possible to establish a chronological order of the facts, but it is certain that the situations take place during three schemes of Leidimar – Dome, Phoner and Unick.

The period is probably between the years 2017 and 2019 – and just before his first business, when he was still a simple investor.

Head of Unick and bitcoin

According to audios, Leidimar learned about the cryptocurrency market taking losses on investment platforms with bitcoin.

“And on that (platform), I'm doing what I told you. I'm reinvesting to see if I make this bitcoin that I put there, do about two and a half (2.5 BTC), maybe this month ”, he said.

“So I'm just waiting to fall. When I completed 2 (bitcoins) and a little something, I ‘poof’, I’ll do it again. I'm just reinvesting ”.

He fell in a coup similar to Unick

Leidimar also seems to have fallen in a blow. He reveals that he has already lost 1.3 BTC in a “little robot”.

“I sat on the grease. Do you have any news about them there? ”He asked another alleged client.

Probably the interlocutor was also suspicious of a possible coup. Laughing and at the same time thinking, Leidimar commented:

“I hope not, otherwise we will‘ dance ’. I don't think so, because otherwise they wouldn't even be responding anymore, ”he said.

Home of the Dome and Phoner

It is impossible to say whether Leidimar took a 'pyramid course' at the Matrix. However, it was after that that he founded Dome Assistência along the same lines; with cash back.

At the time, Leidimar was already showing tricks to avoid problems, just like his performances at Unick. The speech was set up – both for customer complaints and for any reports or threats.

As reported by one of the audios, he sends a message to a client who complained that he was not making a profit.

“Then it gets difficult, right. The company never said it would pay a fixed gain. Everyone has to work and she shares the profit. Now nobody is working and is the person going to complain yet?… He's not helping to grow the company, he hasn't registered anyone and he's complaining about what? ”.

According to him, it would be too much to pay 10 cents to a person who has not helped the company to grow.

In this way, the Dome then disappeared from the map; along with customers' money. At Reclame Aqui, no complaints were answered. The damage has been consummated.

Phoner also didn't last

According to the archives, Leidimar then came up with Phoner Tecnologia, “a wonderful project” that, according to him, was so good that he saw “people depositing in the middle of Sunday. Then came Unick, the peak of Leidimar

Provisional Freedom

Given the recommendation of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) to avoid the risk of contamination and proliferation of the Coronavirus, the Justice decided last week to grant Leidimar provisional release.

He was even released on the same date that the STJ had also granted Habeas Corpus to Danter Silva.

However, according to Minister Rogerio Schietti Cruz, the Unick leader has rules to comply with: hand over your passport and do not maintain personal contact, either by phone or internet, with the others accused in the process.

In addition, the defendant has to withdraw between 8:00 pm one day and 6:00 am the following day and is also prohibited from "alienating or receiving goods or rights from third parties without prior notification to the court of origin".

Billionaire pyramid

Unick Forex was prohibited by the CVM from operating in the market, but even so it remained selling products on the grounds that it sold education products.

With the promise of 100% profit on the amount invested in up to six months, the company would have captured thousands of customers.

However, after complaints and investigations, PF Operation Lamanai arrested nine people, including Leidimar.

In January, a new complaint from the MPF revealed that Unick Forex raised R $ 29 billion from 1.5 million people.

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