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“Batwoman” trailer released; reactions pour in

This is a new trend that has currently come into focus. Examples would be “Ghostbusters” and “Ocean’s 8”. Taking a film, a series or a popular character and feminizing it for the fairer sex. The problem is, that doesn’t always work, especially when you’re trying to put down the other gender.

In the trailer, we see Ruby Rose, the one who portrayed the kickass silent assassin from John Wick 2 and also played the character of a female sniper who doesn’t shut up in The Return of Xander Cage. Now we see her trying to fill in the shoes (and the suit) left behind by the Caped Crusader by giving it a feminine twist. So far, I’m not expectant.

Being a hardcore geek since infancy, it really pains me when they take a character fresh out of the pages of a comic book and launch her in order to further a political agenda. Ruby Rose plays a lesbian character. In the trailer, we see that something happens to her “girlfriend” so she has to hunt down the bad guys responsible.

The trailer ends with her asking Bruce’s assistant to “fix the suit” so that it fits a woman. As the man has “abandoned” them. We also glimpse the Wayne Enterprises which looks like an absolute rip-off of Nolan’s design.

I hope Hollywood stops destroying classic characters and forge their own female heroes instead of ruining an origin story from top to bottom in order to increase “awareness” about a particular issue.

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