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Bezant[BZNT], Egretia[EGT] and Chain[CRO] are the only survivors

Bezant was ranked beyond #100. Now the position of BZNT is at #92 on coinmarketcap. On July 9th, the price of BZNT is $0.0319, and it has since grown to $0.102104. A boost of 4.32% was noted in the course of the past 24-hours, and the value has since gone down.

The supply is made up of 734,351,000 BZNT for now. The trading volume recorded is $1.060 million. The total market cap for Bezant had risen to $74.980 in a matter of days.

The Binance DEX listing was also crucial and played a big part in the price surge, as yesterday BZNT had gains of more than 200% at one point of time. To know more about this coin, head to this link:

Binance[BNB] listing helps Bezant[BZNT] enter top 100, price surges by 200%

The Chain has grown by 15.33% within the span of the passing day. The price of CRO rests at $0.096919. The circulating supply has 7,881,278,539 CRO tokens in play.

The trading volume recorded stands at $9.228 million. The total market cap for the Chain is $763.842 million. However, the other network under i.e. MCO has lost 8.03% of its original price a day ago. MCO stands at $5.54. The rank of MCO is #81, whereas CRO has entered the top 20 according to the most recent data.

The supply involves 15,793,831 MCO tokens. The trading volume recorded stands at $7.632 million. The total market cap for is $87.465.

Here is a discussion on Reddit which involves an argument regarding the rise of CRO and the fall of MCO, both sharing the same network:

I am curious to your toughts guys. Why is the cro price continue to groth and the mco price is still lagging? from Crypto_com

The price of Egretia is $0.085135. EGT surged by 11.24% in a span of 24-hours. The total market cap is $358.312 million. The trading volume recorded is $170.490 million. The supply contains 4,208,736,606 EGT tokens. This listing had led to EGT being placed amongst the biggest gainers in the market today and yesterday.

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