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Big news for customers of Tata Sky, Dish TV and Sun TV, companies offered discounts to this charge, know this once before paying the bills.

News Desk Good news for customers of Tata Sky, Sun Direct TV and Dish TV According to the report of TelecomTalk, these three companies have removed the extra network capacity fees i.e. the NCF . This means that now the clients of these three companies will not have to give NCF even if they have additional channels of 100.

As per the TRAI rules, the TV bill will now be connected to two things. One has network capacity fees, it has been fixed at 130 rupees for 100 channels. Apart from this, paid channels or bookkeeping will be given to the customers separately. In addition to NFC in 100 channels, 18 per cent GST will also be given, which has totaled an amount of Rs 153 in total. At the same time, selecting more than 100 channels, customers will have to pay 20 rupees as NFC for every 25 channel slab. The same charge has been eliminated by these three companies.

Not charged even after 100 channels
– These companies are offering more than 100 additional channels in 130 rupees plus GST ie 154 rupees in NFC.
– Dish TV and Tata Sky have removed NFC from some channels. Not all channels were freed from NFC
– Tata Sky has also offered Regional Packs starting from 7 rupees per month. The company is offering many FTA regional pack free offers. These channels are being offered in languages ​​such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and Punjabi.
Similarly, Dish TV is also offering close to 189 FTA channels without any additional NCF.

Understand NCF’s Mathematics
Suppose you choose a total of 150 channels, then you have to give the base pack of Rs 130 and besides 20-25 rupees for two slabs of 25-25 channels, network capacities will be paid. In this way, this amount will be Rs. 170. After this, 18 percent GST will be closer to the amount of 200 rupees.
In this also you have to give the amount of paid channels separately.

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Tata Sky, Dish TV and Sun Direct remove extra NCF

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