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Binance to Remove Certain API Endpoints


In a recent update, Binance has announced the removal of certain API endpoints on its trading platform, leading to a disruption in its services.

The endpoints will be removed on 31st August at 23:59 UTC. The API endpoints to be removed are:

  • GET api/v1/order
  • GET api/v1/openOrders
  • POST api/v1/order
  • DELETE api/v1/order
  • GET api/v1/allOrders
  • GET api/v1/account
  • GET api/v1/myTrades

The cryptocurrency exchange has asked users to leave said endpoints. It will give them sufficient time to migrate to other endpoints and prevent their trading from being negatively affected. The organisation has recommended using the GET api/v3 endpoint.

They have also linked to a changelog for more information.

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows two systems to communicate with one another. When an API interacts with another system, the touchpoints of this communication are ‘endpoints’.

Updates and Announcements

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange and has announced a slew of updates over the past two weeks. Earlier today, it was reintroduced to iOS mobile devices, fulfilling a long-demanded request of its users.

Two days ago, the cryptocurrency exchange announced an update to its browser application.  On the trading platform, users can now hover over the “Trading Rules” button in order to see ‘Minimum Trade Amount’, ‘Minimum Price Movement’, ‘Minimum Order Size’ and ‘Maximum Market Order Amount’.

Moreover, earlier this week, TrustWallet, the official Binance wallet, extended its services beyond mobiles. It is now accessible through desktops, namely on macOS. It will be available on Windows and Linux in the coming weeks.

Other announcements include the introduction of ETC, USDC and LTC to its exchange platform, a partnership with, the announcement of an ICO on the Binance Launchpad for the startup Perlin, the enabling of margin trading for Canadians and expansion into the European market.


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