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Binance tokenizes Apple and Microsoft stocks, Tesla sells some Bitcoins ── crypto assets and blockchain news from April 23 to April 29


April 23 ── New York Stock Exchange applies for listing of Bitcoin ETF

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has submitted an application to the financial authorities for the listing of the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) formed by Valkyrie Digital Asset.

On the 23rd, NYSE submitted an application document called “19B-4” for the Bitcoin ETF to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). When the SEC accepts this document, the 45-day review process begins. During the same period, the SEC decides to approve, reject, or extend the review period.

April 26 ── China FinTech’s Ant Group appeals development cooperation to digital yuan: Press

Alibaba Group’s fintech company Ant Group has announced that it has been involved in the development of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) since 2017. The same English newspaper “South China Morning Post” under Alibaba reported.

In June 2019, the People’s Bank of China began using Ant’s mobile app development platform to develop apps for consumers to make payments using the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Ant then began piloting the Digital RMB throughout China in 2021, following testing at the end of 2020.

April 26 ── Apple tokenizes Microsoft stock ── Binance expands service, regulators become more vigilant

Binance announced on its blog on the 26th that it will tokenize the shares of Apple, Microsoft, and Microstrategy, which is known for its large holdings of Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy’s stock token will be offered at 13:30 on the 26th (Coordinated Universal Time = 22:30 Japan time), Apple’s stock token will be offered on the 28th, and Microsoft’s stock token will be offered on the 30th.

April 26 ── Tesla sells some Bitcoins, recording profit of about 29 billion yen

Tesla, a major US electric vehicle company, sold a part of its Bitcoin and posted a profit of 272 million dollars (about 29.4 billion yen).

Tesla’s CFO Zach Kirkhorn said yesterday that he sold about 10% of the company’s Bitcoin in the January-March quarter. On the same day, Tesla held a settlement briefing for the first quarter.

April 26 ── Announcement of guidelines for businesses considering NFT-related businesses ── Japan Cryptocurrency Asset Business Association

On April 26, the Japan Cryptocurrency Asset Business Association created and published guidelines on NFT business for businesses considering businesses related to NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

Due to the wide range of uses of NFTs, it is necessary to constructively exchange opinions with companies and organizations in each industry, and in order to ensure consistency with existing rules, Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA), General Incorporated Association, General Incorporated Association After exchanging opinions with the Japan Online Game Association (JOGA), he created the guidelines.

In addition to creating a flow chart related to laws and regulations to see if it is an asset such as securities or crypto assets, we have summarized requirements such as anonymity, privacy, security, and user protection that are important for conducting NFT business.

In the future, it will hold constructive discussions with related organizations and government agencies within the industry, share awareness of NFT, and aim to revitalize the NFT business while deepening understanding.

April 26 ── NFT marketplace “nanakusa” released, automatic distribution function of secondary sales and royalties implemented

On April 26, Smart App, which develops NFT services, released “nanakusa,” a marketplace where individual artists can issue and sell NFTs.

Tokens that can be used for payment are Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC). A mechanism has been introduced to return permanent royalties to the issuer even in secondary sales, and the NFT viewing right limitation function (patent pending) that can limit the viewing of the original NFT file to only the owner is also used. You can do it.

In addition, since the distribution destination of royalties can be set when the NFT is issued, a function that can automatically distribute the profit at the time of secondary sales to the set wallet has also been implemented.

In the future, the company is looking for more certified crypto artists and is considering introducing credit card payments and other chain payments.

April 26 ── Cryptocurrency exchange FXCoin launches lending service for 4 types of crypto assets

FXCoin, a domestic crypto asset exchange, announced on April 26 that it will start a crypto asset lending service. It will start in May, and it is a service that lends crypto assets owned by users to FXCoin and earns interest rates according to the quantity and period.

The target crypto assets are as follows.

・ BTC (Bitcoin)
・ XRP (ripple)
・ BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
・ LTC (Litecoin)

The first recruitment period is from April 29th to May 6th, and the interest rate is said to be 2% per year.

April 27 ── US Bank of the US Regional Bank Enters Cryptocurrency Custody ── Selected as Bitcoin ETF Administrator

In addition to strategic investment in crypto asset infrastructure company Securrency, US Bank announced on the 27th that it will partner with a custody operator to offer new crypto asset custody products. The custody operator that formed the alliance was not disclosed.

In addition, US Bank announced that it has been selected as a management company (management company) of Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) planned by NYDIG, a fintech company of crypto assets. The Bitcoin ETF requires the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

April 27 ── Game giant Sega to sell classic IP NFT content ── Partnership with

Sega, a major game company, and, an NFT / blockchain game development company, said on April 27 that they had formed a partnership to sell NFT content related to classic IP (intellectual property) released by Sega in the past. Announced.

Sega has many popular game brands, and although the specific content has not been disclosed, it is said that the content sales will start around the summer. In the future, the company will seek ways to effectively utilize the NFT content owned by users, and will jointly promote aggressive business development beyond NFT.

April 28 ── BABYMETAL to sell NFT trading cards commemorating the 10th anniversary of their formation on the WAX ​​blockchain

Entertainment agency Amuse announced on April 28 that it will release NFT trading cards on the WAX ​​blockchain to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the formation of its metal dance unit BABYMETAL.

It is said that all 10 types of trading cards with different designs and the analog version of the best album Gold Vinyl will be sold in a limited quantity of 1,000 sets.

You can purchase with a credit card or PayPal, but you need a WAX wallet account to purchase. Starting with the release of this NFT item, it is said that it is considering selling various NFT items in the future.

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