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Binance’s New Revelations about Hack Attack

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Binance recently issued a new statement about his investigation into the hacking attack, which is thought to have affected 60,000 users.

Binance, which examined the information customers shared as part of The KYC (diagnose your customer), recently issued an announcement and said it would offer VIP membership to anyone affected by the attack.

Results of the Investigation
Binance has been conducting extensive research into the attack for a long time, but the company has yet to come to a definitive conclusion about the attack.

It is not even known whether this attack actually worked, whether the customer information allegedly “leaked” was correct. According to new statements published by Binance, some of this information is known to be false:

“When we were reviewing the leaked images, we came across some images that were tampered with Photoshop or something else, which didn’t match the KYC images in our database. In addition, every image that goes through Binance’s KYC process has a special stamp, and some of the images allegedly leaked did not have this stamp.”

Binance has yet to reach a final decision on the attack, but the company’s statements so far indicate that it is not as big as the attacker claims.

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