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Bitcoin 2.0 and $ 300 just for registration! Coinsbit 2nd Birthday Gifts


We wrote earlier that in the near future, the team at the cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit would launch a CNG token (, which will be used for game projects. And today there is official information about the beginning of the distribution of tokens.

From February 20, 2020, the referral program will be active for participation in which you will be able to obtain US $ 300 for registration. In addition, as previously reported, it will have 5 levels, which will allow active participants to obtain more CNG tokens and receive a commission for negotiating their referrals under the following conditions:

  • 1st level – US $ 300 in CNG and 25% of the negotiation fee;
  • 2nd level – US $ 100 in CNG and 15% of the negotiation fee;
  • 3rd level – US $ 75 in CNG and 10% of the negotiation fee;
  • 4th level – US $ 50 in CNG and 5% of the negotiation fee;
  • 5th level – US $ 25 in CNG and 3% of the negotiation fee;

An online casino in which it will be possible to use a token will be launched in September 2020. We remind you that CNG has limited emissions and, after distribution, it will be only for users who received it through the referral program.

In addition, from May 20, 2020, Invest Box Bitcoin will be available on the website, with a total reward of 20 BTC and a daily profit of 0.2% of the deposit amount.

In addition, the developers remind once again that soon on the Coinsbit trading platform, a market with goods from Amazon, Ebay, Ali Express, Alibaba, Taobao and Shopify will be launched. The goods will be available for stablecoins and CNB tokens. For in-store purchases, simply register with Coinsbit and have suitable stablecoins in your account. Then, the user simply selects any product presented in the Coinsbit Store and pays with digital currencies. It can be anything: equipment, automotive products, services, event tickets and more.

And in May, BTCU, a fork of Bitcoin, will appear on the Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange. An initiative to implement the BTCU fork was made by a company with many years of experience in the development of blockchain products, and the project will be led by Nikolai Udianskyi, one of the top 10 opinion leaders in the blockchain field.

The BTCU blockchain will be based on the LPoS mining protocol combined with the PoA, and 20 main nodes are provided for transaction validation. At the same time, to avoid centralization of the network, 10 validators will be determined by the team itself – these will be authorized blockchain organizations and the main cryptocurrency exchanges that will support the fork and its distribution, will also be consultants of the technology that will regulate its distribution and development. . Another 10 validators will be chosen by the community.

Using the PoA algorithm to confirm transactions will increase the blockchain throughput and achieve a speed of 200 tps with the ability to scale up to 10,000 tps.

And so that users of the blockchain BTCU can maintain their anonymity in transactions, the development team added the ability to carry out private transfers within the network.

The BTCU fork will be held on May 20 in honor of the anniversary of the currency exchange, and will soon appear in other TOP cryptocurrency exchanges.

When the fork is launched, an airdrop will be conducted for all users of the Bitcoin network to identical wallets on the BTCU network at a ratio of 1: 1 to the BTC balance in the branch block. After branching, all users will be able to find the same amount of BTCU coins on the BTCU network as on the BTC network at the time of branching. And most importantly, to use them, you only need to enter your own address on the BTCU network.

According to the developers at Bitcointalk, the idea of ​​the new decentralized cryptocurrency is to create the “best bitcoin” and make Satoshi's dream come true. Members will be able to quickly extract, store and send their BTCU to anyone anywhere in the world with a very low commission.

It is worth mentioning that the project's CEO is Nikolai Udianskyi, the most successful blockchain entrepreneur according to Hackernoon, co-founder and former co-owner of Coinsbit, who joined the top 10 Asian blockchain companies. Not limited to the crypto industry, Nikolai Udianskyi created the first insurance company of the kind ASSUR, the first investment blockchain fund in Ukraine and a residential complex for IT developers near Kharkov.

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