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Bitcoin {BTC} crime: a hunt through the dark web leads to proprietar with more than $18 million


More than $19 million worth of BTC tokens have been seized as a result of an operation conducted by the U.S. authorities. The site via which the crimes were perpetrated is titled as “Silk Road”. It belongs in a mysterious section of the Internet.

One can find all sorts of materials for sale on the Dark Web, drugs, imported guns, and other items that is difficult to procure via legal means. But one should be extremely wary when browsing any part of the Internet; that is why the need for the TOR browser and a VPN exists.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York had released information pertaining to this case a few days ago. The individual who was responsible for trafficking is named Hugh Brian Haney. He was apprehended near Columbus, Ohio.

Back in 2017 and 2018, he had carried out transfers involving funds that he had earned via illegal activities. He had claimed that he had received BTC tokens due to mining privileges.

He can go to jail for 20 years or a longer duration. For now two charges have been leveled against him. Homeland Security Investigations special agent-in-charge Angel M. Melendez commended the operation which led to the arrest.

Some have attributed such incidents to be cause of adoption being a slow process. However, drug deals have been taking place without the use of BTC since ancient times. The Dark Net is much safer in comparison to meeting an arms dealer in public, which can go wrong in numerous ways.

Needless to say I don’t excuse any illegal activities being performed which lead to the bad name of BTC and other coins. However, security and privacy is of paramount importance.

Silk Road had catered to thousands across the globe. Although the founder Ross Ulbricht has a life sentence pinned to his name, and the site was shut down due to effort of the FBI. Haney had been a winner back at that time, as he had escaped with his name unblemished.

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