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Bitcoin {BTC} dips below $9000; Tunisia rolls out CBDC prior to China


Tunisia is a nation located between Algeria and Libya, in North Africa. The Central Bank of Tunisia has reportedly released the very first CBDC [Central Bank Digital Currency], even as the People’s Bank of China is working diligently to head towards a similar goal. An “E-Dinar” was transferred by Marouane El Abassi [who lies at the helm of this signature bank] to an account held by a member belonging to the IMF.

While Petro [which was unveiled a few months back] hasn’t particularly caught on with Venezuelans [who choose to invest in Bitcoin and DASH more in comparison to other cryptocurrencies], this newly unleashed CBDC will be used to carry out cross-border transactions, so as to eliminate the requirement of US dollars. Donald Trump might just be pissed off.

Universa was the organization behind the designing, planning, and execution of the first E-dinar backed transaction. I expect revolutionary developments occurring in Brazil, Colombia, China shortly. From henceforth, Tunisian citizens can employ CBDC to purchase items at book stores, bakeries, and a variety of other spots.

Bitcoin is positioned at #1 to the north of Ethereum in the market and has a dominance rate of 66.4% for now. The price dropped at a rate of 4.17% in the course of the past 24-hours. This, in turn, caused BTC to sink all the way down to the $8845.75 mark where it currently rests. The trading volume recorded stands at roughly $24.095 billion, while the supply has 18,036,850 BTC coins included as part of circulation. The total market cap of Bitcoin amounts to $159.549 billion.

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