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Bitcoin {BTC} falls below $10,000 as investors turn moody; Calvin Ayre strikes again


Bitcoin has been affected by sellers in the market for the past few days. The king coin didn’t stay above 10k like a few had predicted but sunk yet again as bearish momentum grew. The BTC dominance rate rests at 69.2% for now.

Calvin Ayre who is a known proponent of Bitcoin SV has responded to the judgment against Craig Wright. The founder of CoinGeek has a different outlook on the verdict, which had resounded clearly through various communities.

A day ago, Bitcoin SV was powered by bulls but has now fallen below the $125 mark. Craig Wright is a proven liar and even federal judges recognize this fact. In spite of this, BSV enthusiasts continue to glorify CSW like a messiah who’s meant to save us all.

Wright must award Ira Kleiman with 5,00,000 BTC from his personal storage [which is also based on claims made by this dubious personality]. The road ahead of Bitcoin SV is quite rocky, and it is my understanding that the currency will fade from existence in the near future. Craig’s statements have mostly been false and his fraudulent actions now face a hefty penalty. No one emerges unscathed against the law.

Bitcoin is the top-ranked asset on coinmarketcap, above Ethereum as well as XRP. The price dropped at a rate of 5.10% in the course of the last 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $18.243 billion, whereas the supply has 17,902,712 BTC coins in play. As of this moment, the total market cap of Bitcoin is $172.149 million. BTC is priced at $9,615.86. 

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