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Bitcoin {BTC} fan John McAfee released from “detention center”; start of an altcoin season?


John McAfee who is running for Presidency on 2020 is vocal about his support for the king coin. His involvement in anti-virus technology made him a renowned personality. John McAfee claims that he knows the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is the man [or team] behind Bitcoin.

#FreeMcAfee was a hashtag that was trending on Twitter for a while. Now, following his assurance, his fans can relax. He was held in the Dominican Republic. The Associated Press reports McAfee and his crew were taken in by the authorities after “military grade” weapons were found on their boat.

John thanked “all good people” via Twitter who had offered to aid him in his time of duress. Early on, his friend had threatened to expose secrets after John was detained.

Authorities had confiscated their mobile phones as well. Even cigarettes were prohibited, as reported via Twitter.

How do you expect John McAfee will fare in the coming elections? Will Andrew Yang and the rest look at him as a “worthy enemy”, or just an eccentric who causes hype. McAfee is know for his outrageous statements, he believes that by 2020, BTC price will reach $1 million.

This has caused a huge dispute in the cryptosphere, as many Bitcoin enthusiasts had rejected this prediction. BTC may go beyond $20,000 after halvening takes place, but $1 million is too much of a stretch.

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