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Bitcoin {BTC} may will soar beyond $20,000 by 2020; Craig Wright declared “Guilty”


The Bitcoin dominance rate has reached 68.9% as of this moment. The price of BTC declined at a rate of 1.39% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $13.679 billion, while the supply has 17,900,762 BTC coins in play. At present, the total market cap of Bitcoin is $181.020 billion. BTC is priced at $10,112.45 for now.

In a landmark ruling, Craig Wright who is right at the helm of the Bitcoin SV project has been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. Conspiracy to commit fraud is also a key point. Wright will now have to present Ira Kleiman with all the Bitcoins that rightfully belong to her and her deceased partner.

David Kleiman and Craig Wright’s partnership has been clearly established and Craig Wright is a proven liar. Wright’s dubious nature and constant attempts of half-assed forgery had left the federal judge fuming the court-room. This guy literally stole from a man who was one of his closest friends and had passed away.

Backstabbers like Wright who builds a persona based on falsified information is not needed in the cryptosphere. Craig will soon have a very different life; when he’s in jail. Right after the judgment was rolled out like an angry child Wright ranted about how Bitcoin will sink in the market.

It seems that Bitcoin SV is being pumped in the market. A jump rate of 2.20% was noted, probably because Craig’s cronies are hard at work. Also, the majority of transactions that take place on the BSV chain have been linked to a weather app. In spite of all this happening, Coingeek and a few nutjobs keep following Craig in his vain attempts at achieving glory.

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