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Bitcoin {BTC} mining challenge, Lympo-Samsung partnership, Libra will lead to “democracy dying”

Within a year, the mining difficulty has grown exponentially. According to data from, Three days ago, the challenge grew by a whopping 14% to reach 9.06 trillion T[ the average hash rate was 64.85 EH/s ].

In July last year as well, such an occurrence was reported. Although, 42.59 EH/s was the hash rate and 5.95 T was the recorded difficulty.

After every 2,016 blocks, Bitcoin’s hashing difficulty algorithm gets transformed. Data suggests that mining difficulty will be higher in the upcoming weeks. In May this year, after the crypto winter was over, the difficulty had risen to 7.8 T.

Lympo stated that from June 10th, consumers can obtain tokens for wallets on Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G.

Lympo is available for trading on 13 active markets, according to the description on coinmarketcap. The price of LYM sunk by 9.47% and LYM stands at $0.012188. The trading volume recorded is $0.650 million, and the total market cap of Lympo is $10.075 million. 

Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse stated, “Lympo is one of the very few tokens that are supported by the Samsung blockchain wallet. We are very proud to be amongst the pioneers and feel honored to have achieved this milestone”

Data on sports and health to be tokenized is the primary goal of Lympo.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is an investor and bitcoin enthusiast who spoke on the dangers of Libra, “this is a surveillance coin…every time you make an easy transaction and you hear the little ding-ding sound of that, remember that’s the sound of democracy dying. That is the sound of personal privacy dying”

Andreas has been critical of global banks in the past. Calibra is essentially comprised of the ones who will preside over Libra as a digital currency. Also, Mark Zuckerberg will be alright with abiding by regulations, as long as his dominion over money stays.

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