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Bitcoin {BTC} must be free of shackles; Lightning Network subjected to criticism


Robert Merton was a man who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics more than a decade ago. According to him, Bitcoin is a fool’s choice of investment.

A typical bootlicker of the system, Robert holds the opinion that a currency can function only if its “controlled by government”. Merton had made this statement back in 2018. He along with the rest of the skeptics worry about the day when all such currencies would just vanish.

Blockchain technology has thousands of enthusiasts by now. If all this was part of a giant big scam, don’t you think we’d have at least one insider report the “truth”? Bitcoiners are looked down upon, even by John Oliver [who is a prominent left-winger featured on the hugely popular Last Week Tonight show on HBO].

There are numerous projects in the cryptosphere that has garnered support with the passage of time. These include IOTA, Cardano, Monero to name a few. As technology gets better understood, the industry will grow too.

The BTC dominance rate is currently at 68.4%. The king coin is priced at $10,116.46. The trading volume recorded is $15.091 billion, whereas the supply has 17,895,512 BTC coins in play. At present, the total market cap of Bitcoin is $181.039 billion. The price dipped at a rate of 2.28% in the course of the past 24-hours.

The Lighting Network was implemented in order to bring about speedy and inexpensive payments. Recently, this feature has gathered a lot of negative attention from Roger Ver [who is a BCH fan] and a few more investors. Take a look:

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