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Bitcoin {BTC} ransom demand put forward by invading hackers; Anonymous pledges to fund privacy-centric projects

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Pemex is the state-backed organization in-charge of supplying Petróleos Mexicanos [Petroleum for Mexicans]. According to a recent report published by Reuters, the hack attack is led to authorities shutting down computers throughout the nation. “DoppelPaymer” was also linked to a similar attack targeting the agricultural ministry in Chile, as well as Texas.

Ransomwares have been increasingly effective with the passage of time. Owing to Pemex’s poor financial returns, the company would most probably refrain from paying the ransom. This will undoubtedly incur hefty losses which would be detrimental to Mexico as a whole.

A 48-hour deadline has been associated with the ransomware attack; the hacker is looking for a Bitcoin-based payment. He [or she] hopes to rope in 565 BTCs, which is equivalent to $4.681 million [when converted into USD for a clear picture].

Unknown Fund [an agency bound with Anonymous] has announced that it wished to donate a whopping $75 million dollars [in the form of BTC] to startups that actively promote the need for anonymity and privacy over the Internet. Anonymous is a conglomerate that identifies as “the voice of those who believe in truth, freedom, and the right to self-expression”. The hacktivist group has made its presence known across the globe. Their attacks have hindered operations unleashed by oppressive governments in the past.

Anonymous looks forward to better dawn and a brighter future, which shall be shaped by a fairer “monetary system” and a freer society. The press release states that society has grown to be abnormally dependent on social media, which has helped numerous “corporations” in manipulating citizens and also aided in the process of target-specific advertising.

Apparently, the organizers chose to unite after interacting with one another on the “4chan English-language imageboard”. Let’s pray that Anonymous opts to support privacy-based digital currencies like Monero [XMR], Decred [DCR], Beam, GRIN, Dash, Zcoin and many more.

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