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Bitcoin {BTC} WeeklyTradingSignal: Approaching phase

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The weekly closing price of bitcoin (BTC) for the fourth week of August was 106.4 million yen. It was down 3.52% from the previous week. Prices have remained under 7EMA and the bear market has continued. Volatility is on a downward trend.

Atr- Average True Range was ¥155,000, down 1.28% from the previous week.
Oscillator Signal Bearish bias signal: “Fisher (-0.46) is in decline. In addition, this week has begun to change in the negative range since the last week of The Moon.

Neutral bias signal: “CCI (40.8) remains in a neutral zone. It has remained above the median of what is a neutral bias suggestion and is slightly bullish.

Bearish bias signal: “MACD (134720) is experiencing a death cross at last week’s close. Signal (155312) has fallen since the last week of January.

Prices have been below 7EMA for the second week in a row, and prices have continued to be bearish.

Volatility is on a downward trend, and the range is gradually narrowing, so new trends are expected to becoming. Disclaimer: BTCN is intended to provide virtual currency and blockchain information and does not solicit investment. In addition, BTCN and Bitbank Co., Ltd. have no warranty or responsibility for the content of the information transmitted by BTCN.
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