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Bitcoin {BTC} wins against Cannabis, goes against predictions of apparent expert


Bitcoin is priced at $10,558.61 according to the latest available data. The BTC dominance rate is at 65.2%, while a drop of 0.90% was felt. The trading volume recorded in the course of the past 24-hours is $16.126 billion. The circulating supply comprises of 17,831,050 BTC tokens as of this moment.

Bitcoin has been a growing asset in the financial field, as retail investors across the world are beginning to utilize blockchain technology. Even though some nations hold an anti-bitcoin stance [most notably, the Indian Government alongside some countries in Africa and the Middle-East], adoption has been increasing.

As more and more citizens of the earth get influenced by revolutionary tech that can help us find solutions to financial problems, regulators are trying to look for loopholes in order to exploit a decentralized system.

According to an advisor and CNBC, dumping Bitcoin for Cannabis stocks seemed like a good idea. Since late Februrary when this prediction was made, BTC has grown by more than 150%. In case of marijuana, Tilray went down by at least 40%, and CannTrust dropped by 70%.

When Canada had legalized cannabis, the prices soared for a while. For Bitcoin though, after the passage of the crypto-winter, price has reached $13,800. Few analysts believe BTC will rally to $20,000 by the end of this year.

As the world’s most renowned crypto-asset is gathering fans, altcoins are picking up pace too. Notably, Binance and Litecoin are recognized as good investments of this year till now. The halving event for Litecoin is now two weeks away.

Joe Kernen, a host on CNBC’s Squawk Box, has been a believer of bullish sentiments recently. Incidentally, a finance minister from India had stated that cryptocurrencies aren’t banned, and such a legislation may take a lot of time.

The U.S. Secretary of Treasury was criticized by Joe for his outlook towards cryptocurrencies. People can be so incredibly asinine; fiat currencies can be used for illegal activities around the world. So are nations holding debates about banning cash?

They cannot, because they need the banks to keep the corrupt ladies and gentlemen warm and cozy in their beds.

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