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Bitcoin Cash {BCH} adoption: A successor state of Yugoslavia houses a large number of crypto-friendly merchants


Slovenia is a nation that came into existence when the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia split up following wars which lasted for a decade all the way till 2001.

As reported by, adoption in specific areas in Tokyo [Japan], Queensland [Australia], and other regions across the world is rising at an incredible rate. People are slowly beginning to realize the utility that cryptocurrencies bring to the table, and choosing to use BCH as a mode of payment instead of making a traditional fiat transaction.

But for the crypto-revolution to ignite, more merchants at various locations need to be educated about the benefits of using digital currencies. Though Slovenia has abundant water, the country’s economy has seen better days. Eligma is a payment processor that operates within the borders of this nation. Gocrypto is being used at around 500 joints [mostly at merchant-based shops].

Bitcoin City is a massive financial center that also involves shopping spaces; this was unveiled a year ago at the capital city i.e., Ljubljana. This also signifies that Bitcoin adoption has been soaring in this European nation. The spot has become a haven for blockchain-enthusiasts who enjoy touring through cities that welcomes cryptocurrencies.

More than 430 retailers located within Slovenia accept BCH transactions as a mode of payment. Slovenia is transforming and may inspire neighboring countries like Serbia, Croatia, and so on to bring in pro-blockchain regulations.

Bitcoin Cash is ranked at #5 above Litecoin in the market. The trading volume recorded stands at approximately $1.367 billion, whereas the supply has 18,052,463 BCH coins in play as part of the circulation. The total market cap of Bitcoin Cash amounts to $4.075 billion as of this moment. BCH declined marginally at a rate of 0.87% in the course of the past 24-hours leading to the price sinking all the way down to $225.77 where it currently rests.

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