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Bitcoin is still more popular than Libra!

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A recent poll shows that Bitcoin is still more popular than Libra and that people are more interested in Bitcoin.

Libra, Facebook’s digital currency project, has been one of the biggest discussions of the past few months. This project attracts not only cryptocurrency users but also the attention of regulators and legislators worldwide.

EToro, a financial company, has made a new survey to find out exactly how popular the Libra project is and compare it to other cryptocurrencies. The results of this poll show that Libra has been a big road in a short time.

Bitcoin more popular

According to the survey results made by EToro, Libra has been able to collect quite a lot of attention shortly. Especially the fact that US President Donald Trump has made statements about this issue has increased the recognition of Libra.

Libra is still very much behind Bitcoin in popularity. According to research conducted by EToro, 56 percent of citizens in the United States are aware of Bitcoin, while only 16 percent of the same citizens know about the Libra.

Bitcoin may be more popular than Libra, but it must be noted that Libra is also very popular. Even the Libra is so popular that it leaves many other cryptocurrencies behind.

According to EToro’s research, 12 percent of citizens in the United States know about Ethereum, The number of people who are aware of Ripple (XRP) is even less. This shows that Libra is less popular than Bitcoin, and other alternative cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, etc.

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