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Bitcoin portal promotes CriptoZoom, event in SP about cryptocurrencies and the future of money


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On March 31, in São Paulo, the first edition of CriptoZoom, an event about cryptocurrencies and the future of money made by Bitcoin Portal. The seminar is aimed at executives and financial market professionals, investors, traders, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and others interested in the sector.

With the theme ‘Cryptoeconomics: digital assets and new technologies’, CriptoZoom will feature lectures by several professionals in the cryptocurrency sector and also by a representative of the collegiate body of the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM).

CVM interest

Among the speakers already confirmed are:

Federal Deputy Aureo Ribeiro, author of the main bill on cryptocurrencies in Congress; Isac Costa, market analyst and advisor to the CVM Board; Reinaldo Rabelo, CEO of the Bitcoin Market; Rosine Kadamani, lawyer and co-founder of the Blockchain Academy; and Bruno Diniz, co-founder of the consulting firm Spiralem and director of the Brazilian Startup Association (ABStartups).

The CryptoZoom talks will address changes in the economic landscape, as well as new organizational patterns that have been discussed and established since the arrival of bitcoin. The role of the Central Bank and CVM in the new sector will also be discussed.

The debate, therefore, will focus on the following themes:

  • How regulators are addressing the issue and Brazilian legislation are addressing the new economic sector and how crypto-assets can change the economy, the market and people's daily lives;
  • Benefits, challenges and opportunities regarding transfers and payments with cryptocurrencies outside the banking sector, such as P2P and cross-border remittances;
  • The trend, application and ongoing projects on tokenization;
  • Investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are constantly fluctuating, risky market, how to evaluate brokers and identify fraud.

“The objective is to make an event that contributes to the ecosystem through debates on legal and regulatory issues and the trends of Cryptoeconomics in Brazil”, says Regina Crespo, curator of the event.

CriptoZoom 1st Edition

Although Bitcoin is more than 10 years old, the concepts surrounding the technology are still little known to most people.

So the best thing to do is to get to know these technologies in depth and gain an advantage – cryptography is volatile, but there is a world of opportunities.

In addition to understanding the market, learning about technologies and taking advantage of opportunities, you will find many people to exchange ideas and experiences during the various panels programmed by CriptoZoom.

About the event

Date: March 31, 2020

Hour: 08h30 to 18h

Place: Developer Hub – Rua Oscar Freire, 2379, Pinheiros – São Paulo

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