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Bitcoin Sees Changes on Linux To Improve Security


While Bitcoin might be an extremely pro-privacy and trustless process, building something like it is quite the opposite and the element of trust is required when setting up.

A new container software using code that was recently merged into the most popular Bitcoin implementation, Bitcoin core changes this, to make it easier to build code, making the process a little more trustless. The change could help to limit trust in code downloaded from the operating system Ubuntu during the building process. For this building process, there are already some protections built in. When downloading Bitcoin Core from, many developers use a process called Gitian to make so-called “reproducible” builds, which allows developers to double check that the binaries being distributed to them are the correct version that they want to be downloading – not a replica with a secret backdoor built into the software, say, to steal bitcoins.

Developers have said they have become disillusioned when going through Bitcoin’s building process, as the lack of security in the building process may not be something users will notice, it is still something they put their faith in and can easily be mishandled.

At the moment the change is available only for users on Linux, but steps are being taken to make this work on Windows and Mac as well. “If this works, it means that future Bitcoin Core developers will be able to build previous Bitcoin Core versions and produce binaries that are bit-for-bit identical to when they were released. This reproducibility-across-time allows us to recreate the exact behavior of previous versions, which is valuable for testing and debugging purposes,” he said.

Source: Coindesk

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