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Bitcoin Supporter Says Trump Will Work in Next Elections

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It’s clear that current President Trump is not a fan of Bitcoin. However, it is a fact that his term of office will not last forever. A crypto-supporter, the US president, will likely ease the regulatory pain that is blocking the industry in the United States. Even giving way to BTC will take cryptocurrencies a step further.

An Interesting Promise
Cypherpunk and CTO Jameson Lopp recently stated that he was considering running in a high position on a single platform. The Bitcoin advocate clearly knows the current problems with the economic model, which includes printing fiat money and depreciating it.

While his Tweet garnets 1,400 likes, it’s far from the number the most powerful man in the world needs to maintain his position. The offer to pay citizens in bitcoin each month is an unlimited supply of dollars, which appears to be the current target, but the result can also be implemented.

“I’m thinking of running on one platform for Trump: if he’s re-elected, I’ll give every citizen $1,000 a month. This can be done because the dollar will never run out and the economy will benefit America in the long run, as it will result in the most BTC.”

Reactions More Interesting
Unsurprisingly, the first reaction on Twitter was a scam, and a few people followed. But there are a few interesting answers to the premise. Brad Mills, a partner at Xsquared Ventures, made a mathematical venture:

“$3.9 trillion a year. By the end of your first term, your U.S. National debt will be $37 trillion. Bitcoin will have a market capitalization of $18 trillion after four years and about $1 million per Bitcoin. In fact, the numbers given without spending are mathematically possible. ”

According to, the current situation is no more than $22.5 trillion. U.S. national debt will not recover to $30 trillion by 2023. In either case, Lopp’s desire for the Trump position is based entirely on the cynicism of the current system.

Bitcoin must come a long way before reaching these status and price increases. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is around $10,000. The 50-hour moving average now seems to provide a level of resistance, so further shifts to the four-digit number may be inevitable.

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